Why you keep buying from Apple and Nike, with Chase Friedman - Vanquish Media Group
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Why you keep buying from Apple and Nike, with Chase Friedman

Episode 12 - Apple and Nike: The Ongoing Appeal with Chase Friedman.

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Episode 12 – Why you keep buying from Apple and Nike, with Chase Friedman


In this episode of Prodcircle, we delve deeper into the world of brand building. Chase Friedman, who is a founder of Vanquish media has a vision to help companies ‘Profit with Purpose’. We talked about the Golden Circle of Why, why most companies suck at marketing, the reason behind buying from bigger brands and a lot more.

Chase believe in the inherent ability of all businesses and organizations to profit with purpose. As the Founder of Vanquish Media Group, his purpose is guiding brands to unlock their greatest potential for growth and impact in the lives of their customers, communities, and the world. With over 1,500 branded content assets produced, 500 Million cumulative views, and +$45MM generated in client revenue and donations, there is proof that you can do good AND do well.

The Business Case for Purpose

Unlocking Transformational Growth for Your Brand


What’s YOUR Brand Strategy?

Define Where You’re Going and How You’ll Get There


Ready to Unlock Your Brand’s Full Potential?

The 7 Essential Steps to Generate Profit with Purpose


The Brand Blueprint


Learn the essential steps for building a strong brand identity and sustainable growth. This strategic framework will guide you to create a purpose-driven brand that activates your audience and elevates you from the competition.

Book The Business Case for Purpose Presentation

How Can Brand Purpose Drive Business Growth?

Learn how to build a brand that people want to buy from, work for, and invest in!