What’s Your Brand’s Purpose? Chase Friedman on Design Your Life And Business: The Podcast For Leaders - Vanquish Media Group
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What’s Your Brand’s Purpose? Chase Friedman on Design Your Life And Business: The Podcast For Leaders

Design your Life and Business: Podcast for Leaders

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Podcast Summary

What does it take to build a brand that inspires action and creates change? On a recent episode of Design Your Life & Business, host Jevon Wooden spoke with Chase Friedman, CEO of Vanquish Media Group, about the importance of discovering your brand purpose.

  • Brand purpose starts with self-discovery. Friedman explains that to authentically connect with your audience, you must first understand your own motivations and reason for being.
  • Living your purpose builds trust. It’s not enough to just state your purpose. You must embody it fully in your culture, customer interactions, and all brand touchpoints.
  • Purpose drives growth and impact. When you lead with empathy and care for your community, they will notice. Staying true to your purpose is key for sustainable growth and social good.

Chase insightfully explains that discovering your purpose and motivations is the key to building an authentic connection with your audience and community. As he shares from guiding startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, “Purpose plays a massive role in your audience perception.”

Your brand purpose requires constant nurturing. It develops by continually listening to your audience and honoring your commitments. By designing your business around purpose, you hold the key to growth, community, and creating change.

So what drives you and your brand? Take a page from Chase Friedman and start focusing on your lasting brand purpose today.

Listen to the full episode here.

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