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VMG Mix Tape Volume 2: ‘Spring Fever’

Well we’re still here, not going anywhere fast…But that doesn’t mean we still can’t find and share some joy with you all!

With tensions STILL running high, uncertainty STILL abound, and quarantines getting you EVEN MORE stir crazy… Um, what day is it again?!

If it’s starting to feel a bit like Groundhog Day 🤯you’re not alone… To help life your spirits, inspire some joy, and if nothing else add some new ‘bingeable’ content to your endless queue, we’ve assembled our SECOND INSTALLMENT of the Vanquish Mix Tap (aka Volume 2 ‘Spring Fever’) 🤘Inspired by

We’re with you in solidarity that we’ll make it through this madness with a little longer hair, wayyy too much toilet paper, and more appreciation for normal human interaction. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and crank up the MIX TAPE 😘

For our second installment we proudly present Volume 2: ‘Spring Fever’ a binge-able blend of film, tv, music, apps, and more:

1. Love Shack – The B-52s

2. Pot Luck (AppleTV)

3. You’ve Got Mail (Amazon Prime Video) 

4. Love It Blind – Netflix

5. Dear April – Frank Ocean

6. Honeydue (App)

7. Tattersal (App Store)

8. Mystery Date (Amazon)

9. Wunderlust (App Store)

10. Solve Podcast (Apple Podcasts)

**Bonus Track: Loretta Lynn (Spotify)

​Pop this in your jukebox (aka nearest mobile device) and let it ease your spirits. As a wiser one once said ‘this too shall pass’. We’d love to hear from you and include some of your Spring inspired remedies, elixirs, and media picks for our next installment. #SpringFeverStay Safe & Stay SANE.XOXO Vanquish

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