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VMG Mix Tape Volume 1: ‘Quarantine & Chill’

 We hope this finds you safe, healthy, and just as important… Sane.

With tensions running high, uncertainty abound, and quarantines getting you a bit stir crazy, these can be some trying times. Rest assured friends (deep breath) you are not alone… In fact, we made you something special to help lift your spirits. In times of pandemic and/or heartbreak we’ve got just the remedy to ease your soul and lift your spirits. Because sitting at home in your sweats for days-on-end feels eerily similar to the aftermath of a bad break-up (been there, done that) we made a special Vanquish Mix Tape, just for you… 😘

For our first installment we proudly present Volume 1: ‘Quarantine & Chill’ a binge-able blend of film, tv, music, apps, and more:

1. Caution – The Killers

2. Breeders on FX

3. Stir Crazy 

4. Bubble Boy

5. The New Abnormal – The Strokes

6. Insight Timer – Meditation App

7. Wine & Crime Podcast

8. Mario Kart Tour

9. ​ – Web Curator

10. Drizly – Booze Delivery App

**Bonus Track: This is the End – The Doors

Pop this in your jukebox (aka nearest mobile device) and let it ease your spirits. As a wiser one once said ‘this too shall pass’. We’d love to hear from you and include some of your Quarantine remedies, elixirs, and media picks for our next installment (because we may be here a while) #QuarantineandChillStay Safe & Stay SANE.XOXO Vanquish

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