Time to Press PAUSE… A Year in Review
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Time to Press PAUSE… A Year in Review

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We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it…  

It’s been a year of ubiquitous automation & AI integration (where’s the humanity?), augmented reality leapfrogging virtual reality (about damn time), and continued content proliferation (jump aboard the curation bandwagon)… So that all escalated rather quickly. Despite frenetic pace of change we’ve just experienced, 2020 will assuredly bring even more dynamic disruption and cutting-edge innovation to shake-up the groove we’ve just now settled in to. So, before we begin preaching next steps let’s all take a collective breath and be mindful of the strides we’ve made. Go ahead and give yourself a fist pump or a triumphant ‘f*#k yea!’. You deserve it.


Too often, feeling intimidated becomes an excuse not to be awesome…  

While we are all susceptible of falling beholden to our respective routines and regimens, some of the most enlightening insights are revealed once you mindfully press PAUSE. Measure the wins while taking perspective of how far you’ve come and refocus on the path forward. With the intent of continuing to practice what we preach, we offer a few questions designed to prompt a moment of mindfulness and hopefully inspire a reinvigorated approach to the coming year.

If you’re interested in getting real& reflective with us, read on… 😉

#DeepThoughts with VMG 

What are you most grateful for in 2019? 

Beyond the continued growth of our incredibly talented team and a burgeoning roster of inspiring clientele, we are most grateful for our performance and perseverance in the face of adversity. There will always be times where we must face a few unexpected curveballs with the potential to derail us from our true north. We have and will continue to face these challenges head-on and find the resilience to press forward. As a good friend often reminds me, ‘when our backs are against the wall, our response and performance is the true test of character’.  We believe in trusting the process — staying committed to hard, honest work — will inevitably prevail in our success and the success of our incredible clients.

What facet of your work/business has brought you the most joy?  

(*Hint: do everything possible to double-down and manifest more of this in 2020!)We are most proud when we are able to deliver joy to our clients… Whether it’s the excitement of a new website debut, impassioned audience reviews, or an exponential increase in sales…It’s the reason we exist and what drives us to work harder everyday. As a boutique and self-professed ‘anti-agency’, we are proud of our nimble, agile and responsive approach to client needs and the ever-changing marketing landscape… it’s what keeps us on our toes and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What would you like to manifest for a better work/life fulfillment in 2020? 

As a firm believer in the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra, we better practice what we preach. From an upcoming company paintball expedition (could get ugly) to team dinners and film premieres, we try to mix it up but it’s not just about us. We’ll be continuing to lean-in on our social impact work, as 2019 has brought many exciting new non-profit clients to the table, inspiring us to give-back any way we can. Getting to do what we love, while also serving a greater good is the absolute perfect synergy. From the relentless live-saving efforts of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, to the inner-city and first-responder support from One Community, and the bold strides driving inclusivity in entertainment from Film 2 Future… we are proud to be a small part of their bigger picture 

Lastly, to measure your progress and chart a course for the future, list your WINS in 2019…

We’re proud to share a few of our own 😉

  • 3x Expansion in VMG Staff

  • 4x Growth in Clientele

  • +10MM Total Impressions Across Site & Social

  • 5 New Brand Websites Built & Launched

  • 15 New Film Campaigns

  • 3 Film Campaigns Debuting #1 on iTunes

  • 3 New Non-Profit Clients

  • 2 New Client Books Published

  • 2 Office Dogs ‘Morale Boosters’

  • +$250K in Paid Media Spend

  • Countless Late Nights & Drinks Consumed

    …and much more to come


Opportunities don’t just happen. You create them. 

Wishing you good luck & godspeed in 2020. We hope to have the opportunity to connect and collaborate along the way. 

Chase Ryan FriedmanFounder/CEO Vanquish Media Group

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