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The Power of Purpose-Driven Business with Vanquish Media Group’s Chase Friedman

The Power of Purpose-Driven Business with Vanquish Media Group's Chase Friedman

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Leaders and Legacies, I had the pleasure of speaking with host Craig Andrews about how businesses can profit with purpose.

Articulating Your Purpose

Companies today need to move beyond chasing the bottom line – they must define and market their deeper purpose to attract talent, customers, and investors who share their values. Patagonia and TOMS have built purpose into their models. Defining your purpose requires self-reflection, vulnerability, and getting team buy-in. It’s not just about donations – it can involve how you treat employees, serve your community, or impact social issues. Articulating a clear purpose builds trust and loyalty.

Walking the Talk

Leaders must walk the talk – truly living your purpose versus just talking about it. I shared my own experience nearly losing my business and how rediscovering my passion for helping others got me through tough times. I encourage you to tune into this episode to hear more of my insights on how clearly defining and marketing your company’s purpose can drive growth and fulfillment. Discover how integrating purpose at your core – beyond profits – is vital for making an impact and building a sustainable business today.

I’m grateful to Craig for the insightful conversation and opportunity to discuss how purpose drives growth. Please have a listen to the full episode here for more insights!

Let me know if you have any other questions, I would be happy to connect further:

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