The Best 4 Types of Content for LinkedIn
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The Best 4 Types of Content for LinkedIn


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LinkedIn is one of the largest social media platforms on the web. Despite the common question, ‘is linkedin social media?’, the platform has close to 700 million users, and it’s a great way to reach an audience of professionals in the social space. Most LinkedIn users use the platform inorder to engage with other business professionals and build a personal network.

Problems can occur with many similar social media platforms that have such a high-user base. LinkedIn, more than any of the other platforms, was built for content marketing. The question becomes, how do you get your network to engage with your content?

There are several different ways to create attractive content that will receive engagement, and allow you the opportunity to grow your network and social media footprint.

Create Engaging Blog Posts

Let’s start with what to post on linkedin and the importance of linkedin content strategy. There are a couple of different ways to post a blog on LinkedIn. Click on “Write An Article” if you’re looking to post long-form content. You’re likely to draw a large audience if your long-form blog post is two thousand words or longer.For shorter blog posts you can write up to two hundred and fifty words on LinkedIn’s homepage. If you’re sharing an article, you will receive more engagement by writing a brief excerpt at the top of the post, as well as the use of proper hashtags.

Many users are quickly scrolling through their feeds, so it’s important to draw them in quickly. If you can create a compelling blog post in fewer words, do that, if not then write a long-form article that will attract readers who are looking for extensive knowledge on the subject. Keeping your blog informative, personal, and engaging is the best way to keep your readers for the entirety of your blog as well encourage them to come back for your next piece of content on Linkedin


Share Third-Party Content

This is also extremely important when trying to grow your network; sharing valuable information that you receive from other users, and aligned pages on linkedin articles, news, campaign support, etc. It might seem like drawing people to other pages is going to have the opposite effect of what you’re trying to accomplish, but it will serve you in the long run. Not only does it draw the attention of the individual or brand you are reposting from but it increases your content’s reach with their following and a general untapped audience.

Original content is important but you want people to associate your page with valuable information and look at it as an active voice in your prospective community. Pay respect to those who are also posting strong content. Some of these professionals will also return the favor, and help share some of your original content. As you roll out more linkedin content strategy, make sure to check in on what content works best on linkedin for your brand.


Try A New All Text Approach To Content Writing

When thinking of new ways on how to post on linkedin and what to post on linkedin, try to mix up your content. This might seem strange as most feeds are filled with graphics and images, but it isn’t. For that reason, an all-text blog post can break up a feed filled with images. Oftentimes, images are used because of a lack of interesting content, or need to represent your content briefly and visually. If you want your content and ideas to do the talking, then have it front andcenter.

This approach can be just as eye-catching as a post with images. Start off with an intriguing first sentence, and explain what you have to explain. Place hashtags and keywords throughout the post as well, to attract an even larger audience and get the most out of your linkedin content strategy.

Prioritize Being Consistent

There are many different approaches to writing engaging content on Linkedin. You can try your hand at different types of content and see what receives the most engagement. The main thing to keep in mind when developing your linkedin content strategy is that consistency is key. As you’re building your following, you want to maintain as well as grow. You need to be posting consistently in order to achieve this to signal to your audience that they can always come back to your content and find something relevant and new. Consistency shows your community you are a professional and well rounded leader in the space.

Next time you are looking to expand your company’s community and become a stronger industry leader, look to Linkedin to start your growth strategy. With insightful blog posts, resharing aligned content, and trying new and engaging tactics, you will see an increase in your Linkedin performance engagement and your audience.


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