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Storytelling For Brands

Podcasts-Discussing on Brand Storytelling with Stephen Marshall and Chase Friedman

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Merriam-Webster defines story as: 1) an account of incidents or events and 2) a statement regarding the facts pertinent to a situation in question. Storytelling is a very powerful part of the human experience and a key tool used throughout human history.

Story provides a level of familiarity and when used effectively, it conveys information in a way that deeply resonates with all involved.

During a recent episode, guest Stephen Marshall said “Story is the glue for new facts and information.” How does story apply to brands? What does effective storytelling do for a brand? How can brands ensure they are authentic?

On this week’s episode of the 33 Tangents Podcast, Jim and Jason are joined by two special guests to discuss brands and storytelling. The first is returning guest Stephen Marshall, the CMO of the East Tennessee State University’s Research Corporation whose purpose is building academic/industry partnerships. The second is first time guest Chase Friedman of Vanquish Media Group.

Chase Friedman is the Founder & CEO of Vanquish Media Group, a digital marketing collective specializing in brand strategy, development, and marketing for entertainment for brands and storytellers. VMG has managed more than 100 brand, film and television, and integrated digital campaigns across multiple distribution windows and platforms.

Stephen Marshall, Ph.D. is an award-winning media professor, (digital) marketer/brand consultant, and higher education administrator. Stephen’s consulting brand portfolio includes work for Siren Marine/Yamaha, Adobe, Nielsen, Coca-Cola, Texas Pete, BoxDrop, Tennessee Hills Distillery, and various other for-profits and nonprofits. A former academic department chair, Stephen is currently the CMO for the ETSU Research Corporation focused on building academic/industry partnerships.


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