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Purpose, Profit, Peace of Mind with Vanquish Media Group’s Chase Friedman

With Chase Friedman

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Episode Summary

I recently had the privilege of being a guest on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast hosted by Josh from Up My Influence. During our engaging discussion, I shared my approach to purpose-driven brand strategy and some of the transformational work we do with values-aligned companies at Vanquish Media Group.

A Bit About Me

As founder and CEO of Vanquish Media Group, I help purpose-driven brands profit with purpose through strategic marketing and brand development. My journey into brand consulting began in the world of independent filmmaking, where I honed my skills as a storyteller and learned the importance of audience connection. I soon realized even the greatest stories need proper deployment to drive impact.

The Vanquish Media Group Approach

At Vanquish, we focus on empowering thought leaders, experts and purposeful brands to better reach and influence their audiences. Our process involves:

  • Discovery: Clarifying your brand identity, values and motivations
  • Identity: Crafting your visual branding and messaging
  • Growth: Amplifying your brand through digital marketing

I find the most joy working closely with SMBs, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to nurture their brand narratives. My goal is to help them scale their reach and make a greater impact beyond solely the bottom line.

Podcast Discussion Highlights

During my conversation with Josh, we dove into some key topics:

  • The business benefits of embracing brand purpose and connecting with stakeholder values
  • Authentic brand storytelling that drives emotional connections
  • Why “profit and purpose” should be guiding mantras for brands today
  • How I evaluate potential new clients based on alignment and fit

I’m grateful to Josh for the thoughtful dialogue and opportunity to discuss my passion for values-driven marketing. Please have a listen to the full episode here for more insights!

Let me know if you have any other questions, I would be happy to connect further: https://vanquishmediagroup.com/chatwithchase/

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