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What Still Remains: Film

Project - What Still Remains - 2

Writer-director Josh Mendoza finds a fresh angle on the post-apocalyptic thriller feature film with “What Still Remains,” a well-acted, low-budget drama, set in a world that’s moved a full generation beyond a devastating plague. The film was released on August 10, 2018 and is now available on-demand through variety of channels.


The Challenge

The challenge of every new film release is to generate as much return as possible. More specifically, to go net positive fast. That can be difficult with smaller independent films, that don’t necessarily have the same resources and media spend as the big Hollywood studios. That was no different in the What Still Remains film project.


our solutions

Our solution was to create a full-scale creative marketing strategy and road-map. This included identifying proper target audiences and aligned organizations to our cause, determining media spend, optimizing deployment, creating content, and growing awareness and engagement through a variety of creative marketing campaigns. Our ability to leverage organic grassroots amplification for all these tactics was crucial in generating word-of-mouth buzz as well as leveraging third-party support on aligned social platforms and community forums.

Web Design

Audience engagement and awareness began with the creation of a custom website that was used as the center point of all marketing efforts. With it’s sleek and simple design, the official What Still Remains site tells the story of the film, and provides useful links and media designed to engage audiences, capture interested leads, and drive theatrical and VOD sales through each unique phase of distribution.

social media

A hyper-targeted social media strategy was created to identify and engage audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with a particular set of interests and behaviors. A special content rich social media toolkit was created for a very engaged cast, who through their own social media networks helped drive engagement. With a healthy mix of organic and paid social spend, the film’s social reach was stunning, easily surpassing the producers’ expectations.

content creation

A variety of inspiring content was created throughout a number of different mediums (GIFs, Cinemagraphs, Teaser Trailers, etc) for consistent deployment across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition a comprehensive email marketing strategy was implemented, to help retarget interested users.

Project - What Still Remains

the results

The campaign for What Still Remains was an immense success. Although the movie was not released theatrically, it did see incredible online sales. We were able to help generate strong pre-sale demand with over 500 pre-sale orders, which helped the film gain top placement on popular on-demand channels like iTunes and Amazon Prime.


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