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War On The Diamond

The year 1920 would prove pivotal in fueling the fiery, century-long rivalry between the Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees. That August, tragedy struck on the field – Indian shortstop Ray Chapman died after being hit in the head by a Yankees pitcher in a tight pennant race. What followed was an explosion of grief and anger, but also triumph. Cleveland recovered to win their first-ever World Series on their way to becoming elite AL foes with New York. E

xploring this unforgettable season and its fallout, WAR ON THE DIAMOND details how the most bitter rivalry in sports was born.


The War on the Diamond campaign window was fast and furious. Onboarding a week before release with an organic budget, meant strategic and accessible collaborations. A mix of outreach to established connections and partners, along with niche on brand accounts to spotlight key video clips and release day assets proved the most successful. 

Our Solutions

We implemented an agile, targeted campaign focused on strategic collaborations with niche partners. On the asset side, we spotlighted poignant video clips and stills conveying the essence of this powerful true story. On the partnership side, we engaged established connections in the baseball and sports world to provide endorsements and access to loyal fan bases.

With an organic, grassroots approach, we overcame budget and timeline limitations to activate the right audiences through impactful, emotional storytelling. This solution allowed us to punch above our weight at the critical moment – the film’s release.

The Results

Despite the tight timeline and limited budget, our strategic collaborations and targeted outreach generated impressive engagement and awareness for War on the Diamond.

By leveraging both existing partnerships and new, on-brand accounts, we secured impactful placements for clips and assets leading up to and on release day. This agile, creative approach allowed us to activate an authentic, grassroots buzz in a short window.

Most importantly, we accomplished our core goal of shining a spotlight on this remarkable real-life story when it mattered most – as the film debuted.

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