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The VR Fitness Machine


The VR Fitness Machine is built to gamify the workout experience by simulating high cardio senarios while broadcasting the experience and scores to an audience.

The Challenge

The challenge in promoting The VR Fitness Machine was that we did not have many assets to work with, since the product just hit the market. The logo and name had already been decided on, so we had a few pieces to work with. The client was hoping to have deliverables complete on a tight deadline in order to premiere at this year’s IHRSA 2019 Fitness Conference.

our solutions

Our solution was to create two valuable introductory assets: a website, and a product video. Both of which could be chopped up into multiple assets down the road. So because we needed new assets, we started with the product video. We cast two fitness models to play our leads and we spent a day shooting on location at a very cool fitness facility. We used that footage to create a short promo video, along with a slate of HD photos that were used on the website and other marketing materials. With those assets in place we were able to finalize the initial website with a sleek call to action, of which we plan to continue to expand on as the business grows.

content creation

Because of the complexity of The VR Fitness Machine, we felt that a product video would be the most valuable asset to start with. We developed a script, cast our leads, found our location, and shot over the course of a day. From there we sent the project off to the editing room and had a first draft over to our client within 2 weeks.

Web Design

With assets on hand we were able to crank out a landing page style web site in no time. The simple design highlights the product video, along with some addition product selling points, with a distinct call to action.

the results

The result was a very happy client, who was able to make a gigantic splash at their product launch date during IHRSA 2019. The website and product video were both live prior to showcasing, which allowed for them to collect prospective leads throughout the entire weekend. We’re happy to bring The VR Fitness Company to life and we’re looking forward to continued growth for such an amazing product.

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