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The Lawfare Project

For the Lawfare Project, we crafted a comprehensive social media campaign to expand their online presence, increase brand awareness and engagement, and build an extensive network of followers.

We tailored the content to the target audience and optimized the visuals and copy to ensure maximum impact.

Additionally, we leveraged press, videos and partner support to further reach and engagement goals. Through a well-planned and strategic social media campaign, we were able to make a lasting impression and create a successful online presence.


The Lawfare Projects faced several challenges in their campaign to defend the Jewish community from antisemitism. They had to provide commentary on current news from the law firm’s perspective while maintaining a professional tone, create meaningful and engaging content that resonated with audiences, and ensure that their message was heard in real-time news conversations related to cases and situations in which the firm was involved. They also had to be selective in their commentary and establish an authoritative voice as a thought leader in the Jewish community.

Our Solutions

We executed a multi-faceted social media strategy to grow the Lawfare Project’s online presence and engagement. Our team developed custom, audience-targeted content across platforms, optimizing assets and copy. Influencer partnerships reached new audiences. Frequent engagement through shares, tags and replies kept followers invested.

By monitoring performance, we constantly optimized efforts and learned from successes. Through research-backed solutions across content creation, community growth and measurement, we met the Lawfare Project’s awareness, engagement and thought leadership goals

The Results

Through our integrated social media strategy, we were able to effectively grow the Lawfare Project’s online presence and engagement. Our custom, audience-tailored content led to increased awareness and an expanded community of invested followers. Influencer partnerships aligned the Lawfare Project with thought leaders in their space.

By optimizing efforts based on performance monitoring, we were able to meet key goals around expanding reach, driving engagement, establishing thought leadership authority, and building a lasting impression with our target audience.

Overall, the campaign succeeded in advancing the Lawfare Project’s digital presence and impact.

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