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The Incoherents


Bruce is a 40-year-old paralegal living in New York who still desires to make it in the rock scene. Coming to the realization that many former rock groups have had reunions, Bruce feels inspired to try to bring his old band, The Incoherents, back together. Not only is he trying to rekindle what he had with his bandmates but he must also save his marriage that is falling apart. As he tries to bring his bandmates back together they also realized that they must face the challenge of competing with the modern artists in the music world.

The Challenge

Independent films usually need to be built from the ground up since they are not branded as big feature films. The Incoherents’ plan was to release their film through VOD which meant that their advertising was to be heavily based through social media as well as through grassroots. We needed to develop a strategy that would show what type of advertisement would secure them the best results.

our solutions

For this film we remarketed their social to create more awareness for their release. This consisted of creating a digital marketing strategy, a social media strategy, doing paid media, and grassroots management.

branding & strategy

We dove into the preexisting assets for The Incoherents’ and consulted on the best digital marketing strategy and roadmap to ensure a successful release. We optimized and updated the film’s website, messaging and imagery for to best engage their target audience and ultimately drive VOD sales.

social media

Our goal of growth and brand identity for The Incoherents through multiple social media platforms proved successful. By leveraging informative, entertaining, and strategic content that captures a relevant and engaged audience, we delivered 50K engagements and an audience of over 3K followers.

Facebook – Instagram  – Twitter

Leveraging a paid media campaign to amplify the film awareness is key to a successful release. We split tested custom targeted audiences, driving over 2MM impressions and 50K clicks to purchase at a CTR 380% above the industry benchmark.


By targeting aligned brands, influencers, organizations, blogs and individuals, we were able to grow the film’s awareness and reach an additional 380K audience who were highly motivated and engaged. We utilized giveaways, release day promos, and UGC campaigns to drive reach and reviews for release day.

the results

By release day we were able to secure #2 ranking on iTunes/Apple TV for The Incoherents. We leveraged the film’s branded content, dual target audiences, and relevant holiday traffic, in order to grow awareness, following, and traffic for sales and reviews. When implementing a cohesive branded content strategy across social media, influencer campaigns, and paid media, we increased the overall awareness, brand recognition and engagement of The Incoherents’ social footprint, driving pre-sale and sales upon VOD release.

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