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Sketch to Screen Masterclass


From the visionary creative team at Aaron Sims Creative (ASC) comes an exclusive educational series teaching the inner workings of their propriety ‘Sketch to Screen’ workflow which encompasses the entire gamut of concept visualization for films, TV, and games. The course consists of 12+ hours of artist led sketch to screen workflow demonstration, including in-depth instruction on concept character design, weapon design, photobashing, 3D modeling, look development, VFX supervision, rigging, digital matte painting, animation, lighting, compositing, and more.


The Challenge

Aaron Sims Creative (ASC) wanted to be more than just your typical design and VFX shop. The challenge was creating a method by which to share their increible work and knowledge with storytellers, content creators, and aspiring artists across the world.


our solutions

The solution was to create a fully immersive 12 hour online masterclass workshop, along with a in-person workshop that would bridge theory, technical execution, and real-world application in one package. This transcends the countless array of technical demos available and instead focuses on the cohesive workflow Not only would Sketch to Screen Masterclass become a stand alone product, with actual online sales, but it would become a subsidiary extension of the brand. Vanquish was responsible for helping bring the entire concept to life.

Web Design

The first piece of the puzzle to making Sketch to Screen successful, was the creation of a web site to sell the course, and to full-fill the course. A detailed description along with a teaser trailer helps guide interested buyers down a fully automatic sales funnel.

Visit site here.

marketing & Live Events

With a product deliverable in place, we were happy to create a number of marketing pieces to drive traffic and sales to the Sketch to Screen masterclass. These consisted of email blasts, social media pieces, video ads, and cross-branded partnerships with other complimentary brands. In addition, the course was spun off into a two day in person crash course. Tickets to these events have sold out every time they’ve been held.

the results

The Sketch to Screen Masterclass was a huge hit, both internally for Aaron Sims Creative, and also in the VFX community. The course has been downloaded over 3,000 times in countries all around the world. And to this day sales are being generated. This product was a great consumer facing addition to the Aaron Sims Creative brand, allowing them to sell their expertise directly to the consumer, while continuing to grow their hollywood studio clientele.


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