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Roger Street Friedman

Love Hope Trust is Roger Street Friedman’s fourth album – an intimate, collaboratively-produced reflection on modern living in a complex world. Sagely crafted yet sensitively attuned, it documents a often-divided society while exploring deeply personal journeys revealing universal truths. Shepherded by storied producer Larry Campbell and adorned with guest talent, these 12 sage songs form a sonic scrapbook ruminating on the human condition.


Deploying ‘Love Hope Trust’ album launch social media footprint was a ground up grassroots campaign executed on a highly compressed timeline with limited resources. We leveraged his established but niche audience, building complete organic awareness within the digital sphere, while staying true to his introspective personality and the intimate folk qualities shaping his musical brand.

Our Solutions

We deployed a targeted digital campaign leveraging organic social outreach and strategic influencer partnerships to engage aligned audiences. After building custom assets and toolkits, we focused our efforts on strategic posting, securing premieres and driving conversions around release announcements and exclusives. Key successes included enlisting influencers, bloggers and fan groups to amplify messaging and access receptive communities. This digital grassroots approach allowed us to activate the right influencers to drive authentic engagement aligned with the album’s resonant themes.

The Results

Our strategic digital grassroots campaign exceeded expectations, driving impressive organic awareness and engagement in alignment with the intimacy embodied in the album. Core objectives around establishing and accessing reached audiences were met efficiently even with timeline and budget challenges, authentically extending this impactful folk artistry.

Most importantly, critical reception reflected the purity of connections made, spotlighting the deeply empathetic storytelling as powerfully and meaningfully as intended.

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