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Pot Luck

Pot Luck, narrated by Robin Quivers, produced and directed by 3Generations’ founder, Emmy-nominated and award-winning filmmaker Jane Wells, Pot Luck documents Colorado’s locals five years after the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana.

From businessmen to budtenders, to cops; this documentary shows their experiences around the drug and the impact it has made in the state so far.


Not only are documentaries a challenge to gain momentum and drive large sales, this film was also around a very controversial topic. A big challenge was striking the right balance in the film’s identity to appease both sides of the conversation. We needed to identify and build a niche audience, utilize platforms using sensitive content and ultimately drive sales.

Our Solutions

We created a custom marketing strategy roadmap to garner an engaged audience and build momentum towards release day. We identified the target audiences, built targeted ad campaigns and organized influencer and cross promotion opportunities across social media. Leveraging known talent and industry experts was crucial in the great success of Pot Luck’s release.

The Results

With the strategic mix of social media, paid media, brand identity and influencer marketing we secured a Top 20 ranking on iTunes. Our cohesive brand identity, strategic marketing roadmap, expert optimization and trend analyses out performed industry standards and facilitated the successful release of Pot Luck.

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