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No More “I Hate School” Digital Campaign

We want to inspire women and girls to pursue their passions through technology – whether that’s software development, sustainability, or racing – by championing stories of women who have done just that. We are thrilled to kick off the campaign for HPE’s documentary, ‘In Her Element’. As we ramp up social media and drive awareness for the film and impact women featured, we would love your help to get the word out. Use this toolkit to help us spread awareness to your social media channels and community about the film.


The campaign sought to empower students to shift negative K-12 education narratives, overcoming ingrained pessimism. We activated students, parents, and teachers to have healthier conversations, countering “I Hate School” rhetoric through strategic engagement to enable student-led change.

Our Solutions

We embarked on a developed a strategic campaign design that would activate students, parents, and teachers alike around the oft heard ‘I Hate School’ rhetoric. The goal was to break the cycle of this educational friction and develop healthier conversation around our current educational system.

The Results

Vanquish helped develop and design a dynamic landing page speaking to multiple stakeholders, while providing resources and a ‘pledge’ to activate volunteerism and donations.

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