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New Egg

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NewEgg is an online retailer of computer hardware and consumer electronics most often known for their website The company is a leading tech-focused e-retailer in North America, with a global reach into more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East.

The Challenge

As with any ecommerce retailer, the challenge is to find unique ways to sell more things. In the case of NewEgg, the challenge was to find interesting ways to utilize their strong ties to electronic manufacturers. Name such as Samsung, Acer, Lenovo.

our solutions

The solution was multifaceted. Vanquish was proud to help facilitate the development of branded video content, along with the production of a fully integrated brand network. The branded content was distributed through a variety of popular media channels, including social, and traditional television networks. The creation of was to enable newegg to have the means to actively produce their own internal content on a consistent basis.

the results

The video content created for NewEgg’s special back to school campaign helped boost sales and raise awareness for a number of NewEgg products. In addition the branded videos helped spur more co-branded content with other product partners. The creation of the NewEgg TV Studio put the company in a position to develop their own content in-house. This was critical to their growth because of the vast amount of products that they constantly retain.

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