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In Her Element

Working with HPE’s ‘In Her Element’ on various services, we found specific success with leading a well branded and multi-tiered Influencer Marketing Campaign. We were able to lean into the existing audience, while spotlighting featured cast and key campaigns, ultimately expanding the ‘In Her Element’ community. With awareness promos, impactful livestreams, custom cast videos and assets, email newsletter features, story takeovers, and more, we were able to have a robust social presence with strictly organic collaborations.


With an all organic approach with no influencer budget, thinking creatively and incentive based was the only way to coordinate promotions and collaborations. The cast was complete with extraordinary but busy women with specific time commitments for social support. 

Our Solutions

While curating custom toolkits, assets, and messaging for ‘In Her Element’ and the featured women in the film we wanted to directly connect with each unique audience. Tapping into their own perspective communities whether it be engineering, music, space, racing, STEM, or female filmmakers, we were able to grow a larger awareness around the film and spotlight each cast member with their clips and individual expertise and insight. 

Engaging Discussion and Talk Show

The Results

By offering one-on-one collaboration opportunities and utilizing strong messaging as to why this project is so impactful, we were able to secure  relationships with various influencers and industry experts by finding common ground in our mission and community. Continued follow up and assets for available cast that was available, was the best way to grow the conversation and deploy unique content.

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