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Hot Money + 12th Hour

While working with the Rangeland team behind documentaries ‘Hot Money’ and ‘12th Hour’, we found success when leading a well branded and educational campaign gained the most community support. We were able to utilize featured experts from the films, aligned influencers, and paid support when deploying universal messaging and cohesive brand assets. Growing a general digital footprint and taking the campaigns to the next level was the ultimate goal we found success in.


For both films, we were building from scratch or from almost zero content on all platforms. With no social footprint established we had to aim our content on spreading  awareness for the films and key campaigns, while also growing the audience from the ground up simultaneously. Because 12th Hour is primarily for school screenings, it was difficult to tackle a social audience who can’t actively purchase the film everywhere.

Our Solutions

While curating two custom toolkits, assets, and messaging for both ‘Hot Money’ and ‘12th Hour’, we wanted to directly connect and educate the already established community while growing new audiences and interest. Leveraging key clips, shocking stats, impactful giveaways, and exclusive interviews was the best way to engage the community and industry experts and peers alike. 

The Results

For 12th Hour we curated content for educators and schools as well as highlighted the one watchable platform Kanopy with reels and feed posts. Overall, we started growing the communities with engaging content on multiple platforms, supported by paid ads, UGC campaigns, and high level partnerships collaborations.

Including featured experts and participants, gave more clarity as to what the film is about and showcased the educational and expertise level the film’s both have. This allowed for a bigger community and awareness. Leveraging evergreen content such as livestreams and interview sound bites to repurpose as educational content made for a longer impact and additional resources.

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