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HP – Generation Impact

For the Generation Impact series release of The_Coder and The_Inventor episodes, we executed an influencer and content marketing campaign centered on cohesive branded assets and strategic collaborations. Implementing a robust branded content strategy across social media and influencer marketing, we drove significant awareness, engagement, and community building around the inaugural episodes, their releases, and the overall new series.

By developing custom branded graphics alongside strategic influencer relations, our efforts strengthened Generation Impact’s identity and expanded its reach through heightened visibility and enthusiasm.


While maintaining overall series and brand awareness, we coordinated campaigns specific to each episode release. HP’s social pages were not incorporated or collaborating, so we had to primarily seek outside support  to push traffic to a singular link. Some cast/leads were unavailable for high level collaborations, prioritizing awareness through promo assets, custom videos, and simple messaging.

Our Solutions

We focused on curating aligned influencers and creating custom social assets to drive campaign success. Developing toolkits and coordinating posts enabled impactful influencer promotion. Crafting compelling branded content expanded our reach and resonated with audiences.

The Results

Through our strategic influencer relations and creative content solutions, we achieved strong campaign success. The community enthusiastically engaged with our posts, driving high impressions and visibility.

Overall, our targeted influencer and content tactics generated measurable awareness and support for the Generation Impact series launch.

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