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Fit Engagement


Fit Engagement is an app designed to help local gyms retain and service their members through technology. The founders came to us to help them develop the initial brand, which included a landing page and brand pitch deck. The beta version of the app is set to go live very soon.

The Challenge

With Covid, and the world-wide shut down, many business were immediately effected.  Fitness being a major industry prevented from operating.  And that’s where Fit Engagement came into the picture. The founders were compelled to design a system to help gyms retain members outside of their facilities.  In an effort to spearhead the initial growth, we were please to help develop the teams original website (landing page), and branding pitch deck.  

our solutions

Web Design

In an effort to help develop relationships with both local gyms, and potential investors, a custom branded, user friendly, landing page was design to help share the message and vision for the service.​​


A landing page is great for inbound leads and traffic, but to really move the needle there has to be a hybrid of outreach involved. The most effective mechanism being pitches, and pitch decks. We were happy to develop the core pitch deck design and copy to help convey the team’s intended messages. Created in a variable way, where changes, and updates can easily be made as dynamics shift. To see a copy of this particular deck, please reach out to our executive team.

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