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It’s 1999 in Bishop, a small town filled with secrets. Three sisters, Belle, Rachel (Emily Peachey/Tar, The Fault in Our Stars), & Jessa, are trying to cope with the absence of their mother (Judith Hogan/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Nashville) and maintain a normal life. Silently repressing them is Rick (Rick Kain/Wonder Woman 1984, Mindhunters), their damaged father who, adrift himself, is growing increasingly obsessed with the rapture that he believes is imminent. With home anything but a refuge, the sisters must cling to one another to survive.

The Challenge

Our challenge was helping bring the feature film Fishbowl to market, primarily through it’s VOD window. We had a 2 month window to help develop an online brand, drive notable traffic to the proper places, and help get the cast and crew on board to help spread the word of the film release.

our solutions

We created a custom marketing strategy roadmap to garner an engaged audience and build momentum towards release day. We identified the target audiences, built targeted ad campaigns and organized influencer and cross promotion opportunities across social media. Leveraging known talent and industry experts was crucial in the great success of Fishbowl’s release. Below is a replay of the cast and crew (virtual) premiere night.

social media

To best create a cohesive and branded social identity, we designed and deployed custom branded templates. Through our efforts we gained over 1,000 and delivered an Engagement rate 3x the industry standard. Detailed organization, daily community management and effective messaging cultivated a strong and robust audience.


A successful paid media campaign depended on utilizing organic data, A/B split testing, following industry trends and meticulous optimization. Keeping a consistent brand voice, using strong calls-to-action and engaging content helped deliver over 1MM impressions with a click-thru-rate 700x the average.


Curating and managing Influencer and Grassroots campaigns for Fishbowl was critical in it’s organic success. During the campaign we hosted an influencer livestream, launched a Q&A session with an industry expert and confirmed over 25 posts with an immediate reach of 200K.

the results

With the strategic mix of social media, paid media, brand identity and influencer marketing we were able to promote the film well in the pre-sale portion, staying near the top 5 throughout the campaign. The film was released on October 27, 2020 to critical acclaim.

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