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End Jew Hatred

Through leading a well branded and robust social media campaign we were able to lean into the existing audience to continue to grow awareness, audience, and engagement for @Endjewhatred. We focused on diversifying content style, streamlining copy, incorporating press, videos and partner support in order to have a robust social presence. By implementing an influencer collaboration strategy and multimedia content approach, we achieved significant growth across platforms and mobilized an anti-hate community.

The campaign succeeded in spreading awareness and combating antisemitism by optimizing messaging and engagement.


With high volume social posting, DMs, and community engagement, management had to be organized and extremely handson. The brand prioritizes breaking news and timely campaigns, activating a strong community and coordinate content collaborations at all given timelines was the biggest challenge. Eventually recurring partnerships and evergreen content was most successful. 

Our Solutions

A core strategy involved daily supporters and collaborators sharing and posting content collaboratively. This increased high-level collaborations including livestreams, testimonials, user generated content, and community engagements. We developed a toolkit with custom assets and videos.

Grassroots collaboration and management enabled partnership growth. Community engagement was emphasized through tagging, call-to-actions, and responding to followers. These data-driven solutions expanded our audience and awareness by optimizing influencer and community collaborations.

EJH - Grassroots Image

The Results

Through this campaign, we implemented successful social media and web strategies. We optimized branding, messaging, secured collaborations, and created diverse multimedia content. This helped us achieve impressive growth with expanded impressions, engagement, and audience. Our top content emphasized powerful testimonials, livestreams, and news responses.

Influencer marketing secured high-level collaborations. We increased website visits and views. Referral traffic presents partnership opportunities. Overall, our data-driven approach mobilized the anti-hate community. This report provides a blueprint as we continue engaging audiences and combatting antisemitism. We’re proud of our growth and committed to ongoing optimization.

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