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Brought to you by The Brain Aneurysm Foundation, the STOP THE POP campaign is about creating widespread awareness of the commonality, symptoms, and warning signs of brain aneurysms. It’s about saving lives, especially lives that don’t yet know they need saving. Stop the Pop’s goal is to create mass engagement and provide supporters with an outlet to be involved in our organization and join the cause.

The Challenge

BAF has an immediate need to promote early detection of brain aneurysms by providing knowledge and raising awareness of the signs, symptoms and risk factors. They needed a breakout campaign geared towards the singular focus of raising widespread awareness through social media and brand marketing. As one of the leaders in brain aneurysm research and funding, it was imperative that the branded campaign was aligned with their core values while also having a unique and recognizable identity to drive the focus of awareness and engagement.

our solutions

We decided it was necessary to craft an independent branded campaign that encompassed elements necessary for a recognizable brand identity, was compelling enough for high social engagement and still aligned with the parent brand, Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Through auditing of the parent brand identity and conducting in-depth research of the cause, we created the Stop the Pop branded campaign which has a destination website, custom branded assets, social engagement and influencer collaboration.

Web Design

We designed and developed Stop the Pop Now from the ground up. Over its still infant lifetime, we have added engaging elements for educational awareness, support initiatives and research funding to launch the Stop the Pop campaign. We developed and deployed a co-branded and interactive website that includes an animated video showcasing Stop the Pop, the Shop Stop the Pop storefront, a custom dynamic map for the BAF State Ambassador program, SEO link building, a social asset destination and more..

social media

In launching a social challenge campaign designed to get the audience involved and increase awareness, our primary goal was developing a social strategy. Once the strategy was in place, we began to leverage a series of custom shareable assets, social media toolkits, UGC campaigns, and more to grow the ‘Stop the Pop’ campaign towards max potential. Social listening, hashtag tracking, and influencer outreach are key in growing the audience segment and enticing engagement.


Over the course of the campaign, we have managed outreach to over 450 actors, athletes, survivors, influencers, fitness/ health organizations, members of the medical community and more, who are specifically aligned with the cause. We provided collateral for BAF’s internal outreach and designed custom influencer toolkits to widen the audience base for Stop the Pop.


Since the launch of the Stop the Pop campaign, we have created over 40 custom assets across multiple mediums, including GIFs, videos, educational imagery, outreach and grassroots creative, one sheets, infographics, event flyers, and more. Having consistent, branded creative assets is key to building a distinct and recognizable brand identity which is a cornerstone element of the Stop the Pop branded campaign.

See more of the Stop the Pop assets​​​​​​​.


the results

To successfully launch a branded campaign, it is essential to develop, design and implement several strategic elements to create a cohesive, recognizable side brand of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. With the sole purpose of driving awareness and engagement, it is imperative to have a single user destination,, branded custom assets, clear and consistent messaging, and highly strategic social and grassroots campaigns. Each of these foundational elements have driven increased awareness and support for brain aneurysm research and funding.

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