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Acer: Mixed Reality


gaming products release

Acer’s Mixed Reality VR headset was one of the first available using the newly minted Microsoft Mixed Reality (VR) technology. After months of development with hundreds of developers across the globe, Acer deployed their groundbreaking MR capabilities for users of all ages. This product launch campaign engaged early adopters and casual users alike driving early success and critical acclaim for their pioneering efforts in the Mixed Reality landscape.


The Challenge

Acer was a bit late to the VR game, but when they finally had a product ready for market, the challenge was to breakthrough an increasingly crowded market. Acer’s unique foray into the VR/AR space needed to address credibility and usability in these rapidly evolving content frontiers. They chose to embrace the platform for Microsoft’s new Mixed Reality Technology Mixed Reality, a highly anticipated new software and experience.


our solutions

The solution for Acer was to show the product in action in a variety of use-cases by a gamut of consumers. And there is no better way to do that than through video. We wanted to show the product in action and in the hands of targeted users who would likely become potential customers. So Vanquish Media Group went to work putting together a comprehensive series of TV commercials geared towards teaching audiences about this amazing new product, demonstrating its versatility, and encourage adoption of a new technology & device in one fell swoop. We were responsible for the development, production, and deployment of 16 unique video assets for web, social, and TV distribution that were later used in extensive domestic and international campaigns throughout Europe and Asia.

branded content launch

A mixed media trailer designed to highlight Acer’s collaboration with international developers becoming ‘first to market’ with the new Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality experience. A proverbial mashup capturing the first-time experience and joy of developers and consumers hand-picked from across the world.

product launch series

A series of docu-style / lifestyle videos focused on the accessibility, use-case, and testimonial experiences from gamers, kids, parents, and even grandparents. Something for everyone, each with their own unique vision and passion for how this devices changes the game in home entertainment.

national video campaigns

In order to truly maximize customer reach we wanted to paint the VR picture for a variety of demographics. The solution was to create multiple variations of the Acer: Mixed Reality message. Below are 4 unique video campaigns created that resonate the core components of the system.

the results

The Acer Mixed Reality campaign was a huge success, and since this initial launch, Acer has gone on to create more innovative VR products. The content we created has been featured in world wide advertising campaigns, and can be found directly on the Acer website. Acer has successfully entered the VR space and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


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