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Aaron Sims Creative

Aaron Sims Creative is a design, previsualization and visual effects studio for film, TV and video games. The company was founded in 2005 by Aaron Sims.They are known for their conceptual design, 2D and 3D animation, previs, matte painting, on-set previs, visual effects, composting and postvis and have worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters including Wonder Woman, Planet of the Apes, and Stranger Things.


The challenge in this project was that Aaron Sims Creative was not your average b2c business. They were not selling a direct service and relied heavily on the connections and notoriety of their founder Aaron Sims. But if the company was to be bigger and more mainstream, they needed to modernize the business.

Our Solutions

The solution for helping Aaron Sims Creative grow was to standardize the brand. This first began by centralizing the company online and through social media. A domain was acquired, a website was created, and social was developed. From there content needed to be created and put in front of the right people.

The Results

Since retaining Vanquish Media Group, Aaron Sims Creative has seen substantial growth in their business. Their slate of production work continues to grow weekly and new opportunities are presenting themselves daily, in new markets, that might not have been attainable without this scaled out initiative. We are pleased to continue to grow the Aaron Sims Creative brand with new and innovative ventures.

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