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Overcoming Mental Health Struggles: Debunking Entrepreneur Perfection

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Confronting mental health struggles is a deeply personal and often lonely battle. In this moving episode of the Think Unbroken Podcast, hosts Michael DeLeon and Chase Friedman bravely open up about their own experiences overcoming self-doubt, anxiety, and depression while managing demanding careers, fatherhood, and leadership roles.

Fallibility Behind Entrepreneurial Success

Both hosts recount feeling isolated and overwhelmed by expectations despite outward markers of achievement like growing businesses, loving families, and speaking engagements. Michael and Chase emphasize that no level of recognition or societal standing makes someone immune from mental health struggles. They urge removing stigma around asking for help when attempting to balance high pressure roles.

Resilience Routines for Entrepreneurial Mental Health

The hosts share tangible self-care habits that aided their resilience and capacity to serve others through mental health struggles:

  • Daily meditation for centering and presence
  • Affirmations and journaling
  • Gratitude practice and mindfulness
  • Healthy personal boundaries

Mental health struggles touch every human life. Listen now to this uncensored discussion about overcoming trauma, finding community support, and leading with purpose.

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