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Do People Really Care About Your Brand? How to Build Lasting Brand Loyalty

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You’ve spent more hours cooking up your brand than a teen hyped up on Adderall cramming for finals. You’ve stressed over the perfect logo, color palette, fonts, slogans – the whole enchilada. But let’s get down to brass tacks: do people actually care?

Surveys suggest only around 40% of consumers feel any real love for brands nowadays. The rest are like cricket sounds. Not exactly a glowing report card!

The truth is, people today have attention spans shorter than a TikTok on 2x speed. You’re just another logo in a sea of competition. Relying on surface-level ‘branding’ simply won’t cut it anymore. You need to make real, emotional connections. Ignite that spark, nah mean?

In this blog, we’ll explore how to make your brand irresistible. Talk about brand loyalty, to have people hyping you up like you’re BTS. Let’s do this!

Lead with Purpose

Brand loyalty - Lead with Purpose
Leading with purpose is the first step!

Nowadays, consumers—especially the latte-sipping Millennials and avocado toast-loving Gen Z’ers—care deeply about WHY you do what you do. Your raison d’etre. They want substance beyond profit margins.

As the wise philosopher Simon Sinek said, “Customers now buy on purpose, not features alone. Lead with your ‘why’ if you want brand loyalty.” Preach!

Vanquish Media Group - Simon Sinek

Some purpose-led brands killing it:

  • TOMS Shoes – Donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. That’s straight up dope.
  • Patagonia – Sells cute outdoor apparel and advocates loudly for environmental protection. I can dig it.
  • Seventh Generation – Makes plant-based home/personal care products that are non-toxic and sustainable. Very litty committee over here.
  • Warby Parker – Sells stylish eyewear and donates a pair to someone in need for each one sold. Major heart eyes emoji.

The point is, showcase your purpose! Demonstrate how you contribute good vibes and positivitea to the world. Even if you sell something boring like enterprise software or plastic widgets, find a way to showcase your values.

Consumers today crave brands with principles they can get behind. Lead with that social impact purpose and watch the hype build.

Cultivate Community

Brand Loyalty - Cultivate Community
Leaning way into this community spirit is key.

Thanks to the digital age, your customers can now link up and bond over their shared love and admiration of you and your brand. Leaning wayyy into this community spirit is key.

Studies show brands that successfully build engaged brand communities enjoy a whopping 7x higher customer lifetime value on average versus brands without that sense of community. Ya heard me – 7x higher! This is likely because highly engaged community members purchase more frequently, have higher order values, and feel emotionally bonded enough to share and hype up the brand to others in their network.

There are endless creative ways to build community in and around your brand, such as:

  • Creating social media groups, forums, or subreddits where your stans can connect over their undying love for your products, brand, and industry at large
  • Hosting live events (virtual or in-person) where customers can network, learn, and engage more deeply with your brand and each other. Collabing with hypebeast influencers or artists is an easy win.
  • Curating and re-sharing user generated content from satisfied customers on your own website and social channels. Let your fans shine!
  • Consider VIP rewards programs with exclusive tiered benefits, perks, and superfan access that makes people feel majorly important. Who doesn’t want clout?
  • Partner with influencers, creators, artists, or other brands who already have an engaged audience you can tap into.

The more you can cultivate and nurture a community amongst your existing and potential customers, the more they will care about stanning your brand loudly and proudly for life. A strong community transforms basic buyers into devoted brand activists. That’s how you create a cult, not just a brand! 

Personalize the Experience

Despite all the talk of reaching mass audiences and scale, some of the most effective modern branding strategies use personalization and tailored 1:1 messaging. The key to brand loyalty is making people feel seen and understood as individuals, not just another face in the crowd.

According to a survey by Salesforce Research, a staggering 91% of customers say it’s important for brands to understand their unique needs and desires. Over 70% of customers are also more likely to purchase from a company that provides a personalized experience. Uh, yeah – those numbers speak for themselves!

Some ways to get personalized AF:

  • Use customer data to deliver tailored messaging across channels – email, social media ads, website experiences. Get to know people’s individual interests and preferences.
  • Offer customized or made-to-order products based on each customer’s specific needs, wants, and taste. Now that’s special sauce!
  • Track purchase history and hit them with thoughtful individual recommendations. “We gotchu!” – that’s the energy you want.
  • Follow up post-purchase to get feedback and reviews on their unique experience and journey with your brand.
  • Provide exceptional, white-glove customer service to solve problems in a personalized way. Make them feel special!
  • Leverage user-generated content like custom photos/videos, testimonials, and reviews to showcase real customer stories. Get their pretty faces out there!

The more your brand can move from feeling like an impersonal corporation to an understanding friend who just “gets you”, the more customers will connect with it emotionally and begin to care on a deeper level. Personalization demonstrates you see them as unique individuals, not just a metric on a dashboard.


At the end of the day, consumers today are selective about which brands they let into their hearts and wallets. You gotta stand for something, give people a community to belong to, and use personalization to make them feel special.

Really flex on what makes your brand unique. Identify the value you bring to customers’ lives that competitors don’t. Keep innovating. Show empathy. Do this authentically over time, and you’ll build devotion no marketing budget can buy.

So get out there and create a cult…I mean brand loyalty!

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