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Digital Trends To Embrace in 2020

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Living in a world which is highly consumed by digital media and technology, disruption is inevitable. In this age of innovation, the fast paced marketing environment, consumer interests and behaviors are constantly changing and becoming more difficult but necessary to predict. In order for any organization to succeed in this developing and competitive environment, it is vital to predict and adapt to future digital marketing trends.

As we near the beginning of the new year, lets dive into 6 predicted digital marketing trends to come in 2020.​

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Simplicity and time saving features have been a marketing driver for decades. In today’s mostly digital experience, utilizing automation systems to perform tasks which typically require man power, saves time and money. This allows for more resources to focus on company growth, while still maintaining efficient and timely touchpoints where needed. Keeping a consistent and congruent cadence with your client is essential to building customer loyalty and brand awareness. There are a number of ways to achieve this consistency using automation which we have found very successful in existing Vanquish client campaigns including automated email communication, sales funnel and audience aggregation.


Over the last few years influencers have used social media to cultivate a new job market and a new era of digital marketing. Individuals with a large following have used their audience to market third party companies/products, promote their own events and businesses, as well as get paid to cross promote other pages and brands. Social media channels are transitioning into more personalized platforms, to which companies are turning to individuals with a smaller online following to maximize their reach without using an excessive budget. This marketing trend is predicted to rise in 2020 as businesses recognize that digital audiences are more willing to listen to voices that they trust, on a more intimate level.

Vanquish has found that curating custom influencer lists and tool kits for our clients as well as managing their social media campaigns, has a great impact on the success of social influencer marketing. The biggest influencer platform, Instagram, is forcing its users to create competitive content and speaks to their audiences by removing the “like” feature from the app. The biggest giveaway that someone has paid for their following is low engagement and likes on their content. With nothing but following count displayed, it will be imperative for Instagram to crack down on instabots and paid followings.


Video is one of the most important digital marketing trends today and will only become more significant in 2020. It is unquestionable that people love videos. They are interesting, appealing and effective, therefore it is vital for a business to employ the use of videos to achieve success.

    • 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video
    • 72% of businesses say that video has improved conversion rate
    • 52% of consumers say that watching videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions


As the use and effectiveness of video marketing is set to develop in 2020, so will the different mediums in which they are presented. Video formats such as webinars, live videos, 1:1 videos and 360 degree interactive videos are among the trends set to rise which Vanquish will continue to utilize in the new year.


In November 2019, Google implemented some major changes to its search algorithm which focuses on understanding the language individuals use when searching online. In order to adapt to this change, it is vital for businesses to focus on producing well-written, quality content to ensure greater success in 2020. According to research, 88% of business-to-business content marketers agree that the creation of original content positions audiences view their organisation as a more credible resource.

At Vanquish, we have anticipated the continual rise of this trend, therefore we focus on developing and utilizing social media channels, newsletters, email marketing, webinars, videos and podcasts, just to name a few. Working with the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, we have already noticed that by utilizing content marketing strategies such as the development of an official website and social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn where original content is frequently posted, a higher level of engagement and awareness has been brought to the organisation while also working to build trust and loyalty between the organisation and its audience. There is no doubt that in 2020 leading businesses will heavily invest in content marketing.


Due to the development of more advanced search technologies, visual search is set to rise in relevance and usage in 2020, already with 62% of millennials more interested in visual search capabilities than any other newly developed technology. Visual search completely transforms the traditional search experience as individuals have the ability to capture or upload an image to find more specific search results. Leading companies such as Google with Google Lens, have already adapted to this trend with the creation of mobile apps which enable image search directly from the camera on your cell phone.

At Vanquish, we are always looking for new and interesting ways to increase audience engagement, which we think can be achieved through the utilization of visual search. We see this trend benefiting the film industry in particular, with the ability to find detailed information from a film poster using visual search. This is a great opportunity for film marketing which will be a Vanquish recommended strategy in 2020 to give us a creative advantage over competitors in gaining the engagement of audiences.


Due to the competitive reach of advertising on social media, paid advertising is set to become a much more reliable source of marketing in 2020. Google’s Artificial Intelligence system can take over from advertisers to monitor and maintain marketing campaigns, allowing businesses the freedom to dedicate time and money to other aspects of their marketing campaign.

One interesting feature that we’ve helped our non-profit clients with lately is the Google Non-Profit program, which provides eligible non-profit organizations with up to $10,000 in free paid search marketing.  This boost of traffic has significantly increased traffic, which helps drive donations. There are some specific rules to these accounts, but once you’re setup, it’s basically free advertising compliments of Google.


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