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Build Your Brand to Build Your Business

Build Your Brand to Build Your Business

Table of Contents

Podcast Summary

Starting with core beliefs, values and reason for existing is emphasized to clarify your identity. Conducting brand discovery exercises helps define consistent messaging and positioning.

Leveraging your backstory and archetype is recommended for connecting with audiences authentically through compelling storytelling across platforms. This can attract an ideal tribe.

Aligning team members with company purpose is said to retain and empower them as brand ambassadors. Building an inspirational culture beyond financial incentives is considered key.

Ensuring coherence between marketing assets, sales interactions, and customer experiences maintains consistency across touchpoints. Just a few inconsistent touchpoints can cause consumers to tune out.

Key Takeaways for Brand Building

  • Clarify core identity before visual branding
  • Use storytelling to authentically connect
  • Rally employees around purpose
  • Maintain messaging consistency

Listen to the full Experts Speak episode for more insights on strategically developing brand identity to drive business growth and profits.

The Business Case for Purpose

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The Brand Blueprint


Learn the essential steps for building a strong brand identity and sustainable growth. This strategic framework will guide you to create a purpose-driven brand that activates your audience and elevates you from the competition.

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Learn how to build a brand that people want to buy from, work for, and invest in!