Take your Company to the Next Level with Brand Optimization
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Take your Company to the Next Level with Brand Optimization

Brand Assessment

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Is your company in need of a brand optimization? If you have to ask, then the answer is likely yes.

Often coined as a brand audit or brand assessment, a brand optimization is designed to survey the best aspects of your brand and identify areas for even more growth and improvement. In a vastly changing global market, it’s more important than ever for brands to maintain strong branding that defines your company and mission. With consistent brand optimizations, Apple would be just another tech company and Coca-Cola would just sell another soft drink.

In the simplest of terms, a brand optimization is like a yearly check-up at the doctor’s office. It’s designed to gain a thorough understanding of your brand’s current state, and identify areas for improvement. Making sure your brand is in line with your company’s mission is key. If the outside world can’t see your brand for all the features it provides, then you’re missing opportunities. Checking in from time to time to make adjustments could save you many an unnecessary headache, growing pains and immensely improve your business’ quality.

Like any living entity, your brand cycles through different phases. In order to keep it growing and on the right track, you should assess whether or not a brand is meeting its objectives in the given market, and that’s where a brand optimization is an invaluable tool. ​

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When should you complete a brand optimization?

There is no exact timetable to determine how often to optimize your brand. The better strategy is to be vigilant about your brand’s overall health, always keeping in mind customer feedback, employee morale and the business’ growth. When feedback, morale and/or growth aren’t where you want them to be, it’s a good time to take a step back and assess.

If you’re looking to ramp up business, change your strategy or refresh your aesthetic, then a brand optimization is a must. Taking the time to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of your brand while evaluating where you want to go will only serve to strengthen positioning.

A strong brand is the foundation upon which the business stands, which means it must always be firm and resolute. While a solid product or service remain the core of your business, few customers will take the time to explore your offering if there isn’t a confident and credible brand to back it. Knowing exactly what your company is and what it stands for is crucial, and having a brand that communicates that to prospective customers and clients will only propel success.


What objectives should my brand be hitting?

Good branding, like any great art form, seems effortless to the untrained eye. To those versed in branding and business, the subtle marketing brushstrokes are all perceptible and, fortunately, replicable for your business. While the exact criteria for a brand optimization could include any number of line items, these are the initial questions to ask:

  • Does your brand establish who you are as a business?
  • Does your brand highlight your strengths and specialties?
  • Does your brand identify your place in the market?

If you feel like your logo, website, or any other facet of your brand is falling short, it’s time to optimize. There’s no reason your brand can’t be working hard for you at all times.

Brand Optimization Checklist Vanquish Media Group

What can I do now to start optimizing my brand?

Simply making a resolution to optimize your brand is the first step, which means that if you’ve made this decision, you’re well on your way. Next, take into consideration the external face of your brand, or how the world (and prospective clients) perceive the company. A few of the following line items to consider are:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Marketing materials (brochures, email templates, etc.)
  • Social media
  • Email newsletter
  • Merchandise
  • Packaging
  • Advertisements
  • Brand videos
  • Market Positioning
  • Press
  • Advertisements

Once you’ve compiled these materials, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Would a consumer unfamiliar with the business understand exactly what you do?
    • Does the branding support the company’s message?
    • Is your brand helping you achieve your KPIs and objectives?


If you’re not certain how to answer these questions immediately, worry not. You can take our free brand optimization assessment, and a member of our team guide you as we identify the unique opportunities and areas of impact for your business.


Is a brand optimization worth it?

If your goal is to successfully nurture and grow your business (and let’s face it, it should be), then a brand optimization is always a worthwhile endeavor.  A brand audit merely identifies areas for growth and opportunities, and lays out a roadmap for future success. Implementing said road map can be the tricky part, but we’re here to help outline and deploy a strategy for your specific company that includes identifying areas of impact and optimizing your business for growth.

At Vanquish Media Group, we provide a complementary brand audit for all prospective clients and business. As a digital marketing agency that specializes in content and video market, we help identify the unique needs for your brand, and custom engineer a brand roadmap designed to elevate your business and set you up for success.

There are numerous benefits to a brand optimization and subsequent rebranding work, too. Depending on your specific brand strategy, these can include:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased brand awareness and visibility
  • Increased brand credibility
  • Revitalized brand loyalty
  • Improved employee morale
  • New business and clients


Think it’s time to take a brand optimization assessment? We’re here to help. Take Vanquish Media Group’s free brand optimization assessment, and let us help you make your brand all that it can be by identifying ways to grow and optimize your business, and personally walking you through recommendations for optimization.

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