An Easy Guide to Facebook’s eCommerce Capabilities
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An Easy Guide to Facebook’s eCommerce Capabilities

Facebook eCommerce

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Over the past few years, Facebook has been building up its suite of digital marketing tools. Far removed from its early days as a social network for college students, Facebook now offers a multifaceted publishing and advertising portal for businesses. Recently, they unveiled a set of new tools geared toward eCommerce business owners.

From their chatbot-like Messenger to Facebook pixel retargeting to the ever-growing Facebook marketplace, Facebook is poised to become a crucial service for online entrepreneurs. Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook’s eCommerce capabilities.


Advanced Messaging

Automated Responses

Facebook Pages allow you to set pre-configured options for Messenger. Customers can open a new direct message and see a list of frequently asked questions. This is an excellent way to automatically nurture leads even outside business hours. You can also configure an instant reply to every message you receive.

CTA-to-Messenger Form

Facebook is also launching an inquiry form feature that ties into Messenger. If your page’s CTA button is “Get Quote,” for example, a user can answer a few simple questions before sending their message. This streamlined lead capture may help boost conversions and save time for both you and prospective customers.

Facebook Call To Action

Click-to-Message Ads

One of Facebook’s new features, this ad type allows you to set a direct message as your call-to-action. Better yet, you can offer multiple options (Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp), and Facebook will show the messaging choice that the user is most likely to use. This is a major development for eCommerce marketers who are developing an omnichannel strategy.



In addition to Click-to-Message Ads, Facebook’s Ads Manager will soon include a broad variety of ad types that seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce store. Already, you can boost aka “sponsor” posts to drive engagement or reach new audiences, and run ad campaigns to gain likes, promote products, or receive messages. New ad capabilities will feature:

  • WhatsApp message ads on Instagram

  • Split testing for posts, with the option to boost the most effective version

  • Collection ads highlighting featured products

  • Lead Ads Forms to qualify and capture leads, then create an ad to generate responses

Plus, all your ad campaigns can now be managed from within the Business Suite alongside your boosted posts, as well as your Messenger, Instagram Direct, and chat conversations.

Retargeting Tools

Facebook Pixel

As every eCommerce marketer knows, it often takes multiple touches to convert a lead into a customer. Facebook Pixel has become essential to retargeting strategies. By tracking users’ activity on an eCommerce website, a business can then use the Pixel to serve relevant ads to those users. Use Pixel to collect information about abandoned shopping carts, product page views, and email signups, then create follow-up ads through Facebook — and the platform does the rest.

facebook pixel

Business Suite

Also, Facebook’s Business Suite will soon offer the capability to send remarketing emails and direct messages based on users’ previous activity. Add in the cross-platform direct message tracking and lead capture, and Facebook is poised to become a full-fledged CRM and marketing automation platform.


Shoppable Posts

Both Facebook and Instagram offer shoppable posts that link directly to your store’s product page. This boosts conversions because users don’t have to click on your bio to access your eCommerce site first; they can head directly to the product.

Shoppable posts can be boosted i.e. turned into sponsored posts to expand their reach. And of course, you can create ads for both products and collections from your shop.

instagram shopping

Facebook and Instagram Shops

If you’re looking to capture customers without forcing them to switch apps, Facebook Shops (also available on Instagram and WhatsApp) allow you to sell directly on the social platform. Shop listings can be linked to a Page and distributed across the regular Facebook marketplace, thereby expanding your reach.

Facebook’s shopping experience is designed to be ultra-flexible, so you can craft the ideal sales funnel for your target audience. You can direct Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp users to your website, allow them to check out via the platform or complete the purchase in Messenger or WhatsApp.

facebook shopping

Wrapping Up

Facebook’s highly customizable platform also permits a wide range of integrations with other eCommerce tools. With both native and third-party tools at your disposal, it’s easy to make Facebook your comprehensive hub for marketing and sales. And given its relationship with Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook’s eCommerce suite can help you develop an omnichannel strategy — reducing friction in your sales funnel and driving more sales and better customer relationships.

Start optimizing your Facebook Business Suite and craft the right strategy to increase your sales at

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