2020 Holiday E-Commerce Trends
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2020 Holiday E-Commerce Trends

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The word hard does not do justice to what businesses have gone through this year, especially small business. We know, as a small business ourselves, we’re living it. The pandemic has expedited an already trending shift towards eCommerce, as retailers are continuing to capitalize, and in some cases, rely upon digital marketing, social media, and e-commerce technologies to preserve and accelerate their holiday season revenue. With more businesses competing online, it’s going to take much more than a basic website for businesses to gain the traffic they need to survive. Spending habits, both how much and where, of consumers have changed drastically this year. This year, 62% of US shoppers plan to start their holiday shopping earlier to avoid crowds…  And while deal-seeking behavior isn’t new, more people are looking for value these days. We’ve seen global searches for “best affordable” grow more than 60% year over year. Most notably, the e-commerce industry has faced five years of change in a span of just two-months as a result of the pandemic.

Those who are looking to capitalize this holiday season, need to understand how to market their brand and gain visibility. Here are a few of the top holiday e-commerce trends:

1. Augmented reality is a prove game changer

A lot of retailers have jumped into augmented reality (AR) for their online stores. This helps customers visualize the product before hitting ‘Buy Now’. Augmented reality gives shoppers the opportunity to see how products look in real life, like what paint colors would look best in their home, or how that dress would look on them. With a steady decline in in-store visits due to the pandemic, this is a huge trend that is helping businesses gain more customers through eCommerce.

2. Tap into voice search

The demand for in-home smart speakers has been on the rise, and studies show that 75 percent of Americans will own one by the year 2025. Voice search allows people to purchase goods online, order food, even check the weather with the help of voice assistants.

It’s an easy and touch-free way of purchasing goods online. After an initial purchase, your information will be ready to go as soon as you say what it is you would like to buy. This is a big trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Ecommerce businesses should keep this in mind.

3. AI Helping With personalization

Personalization is one aspect of marketing that seems to be lost in the e-commerce world. When you enter a brick-and-mortar shop, there are people welcoming you to make a connection and help you with your needs. With the help of AI, online shopping is becoming more personalized. 

AI can help businesses learn more about their customers and in turn provide them with an opportunity for better customer service. And speaking of customer service, AI allows for 24/7 service through chatbots. If you want to make an immediate connection with your potential customers and add that personal touch to their experience, AI technology for any eCommerce is a priority.

4. make mobile shopping a priority

You’ve likely heard on numerous occasions the importance of mobile-friendly websites. Consumers today do most of their online shopping on their phones. Making sure your shopping experience is mobile friendly is imperative to survive in the eCommerce space. Not only does your site need to be friendly to the mobile consumer, you can also reach these consumers through other entry points on their phones, such as social media.

5. leverage your social media

If you want to take your brand’s identity to the next level your first step must be upping your social media game. Social media giants like Instagram are making sure they adapt to the demand for mobile e-commerce shopping this year. After updating the coveted and frequently checked notifications tab on the app and replacing it with a Shop page, it was pretty clear that Instagram too saw the need for e-commerce features on their platform.

Other platforms like TikTok are giving content creators the opportunity to increase their brand partnerships by creating creative ads, at home pandemic inspired material, and gift guides via video reviews versus the traditional blog spotlight. By utilizing these trending features paired with swipe up ads, community management, and creative content your brand will not only be interesting and appealing but will be easily accessible.


2020 is a big year for the eCommerce industry. Keeping up with the digital trends this holiday season is more important than ever. Look to compete in the online market by adapting to technology trends, leveraging engaging content in unique ways, and making sure your brand or product is represented as seamlessly and user friendly as possible for your customers.

Learn more about this year’s e-commerce trends, holiday advertising, and other candid digital marketing insight  from our team at Vanquish here!


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